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For people who want a safe and fun experience with their horse. Who want to know the "why" of things! As when one understands the logic and sensibility, it's so much easier to remember and learn!

If you're a novice, whether a child or adult, I will teach you the basics from leading and tying properly, through to grooming and tacking up. On to mounting correctly, and riding safely either in the arena or out on trail.

I will explain in plain English things like, why and how:

Why we swap our stirrup leathers over every time we clean our saddles.
Why we change our diagonals even on a straight line.
Unless we're deliberately doing a counter canter, why we shouldn't canter on the outside lead.
Why we don't use a body brush in Winter.
Why the horse should lead beside us.
The difference between checking and half halt.
Why is the rein back is a forward movement.
What is the real definition of a snaffle, and how many are there?
What is a flylink, and should it be up or down?
The town that the Kimblewick pelham is named after?
What is the difference between natural and artificial aids?
Why are there three girth straps on either side?
Equestrian terms for each leg?


If either you or your horse are a bit rusty in the communication department, I will give you the confidence, and technical instruction in plain English to ensure you andor your horse learns, or improves in ground work e.g. lunging and long reining. Riding: bending, getting the horse in front of the leg and on the bit with half halts. Knowing your trotting diagonals, canter leads, and simple dressage manoeuvres such as leg yielding, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, shoulder in etc...

I have over 30 years of training and instruction experience both in England and America and I will travel to you and your horse in the Santa Fe area to help you get on...or back on, the right path with your horse! If you have questions regarding the problems you're experiencing, email me.

Complimentry free initial consultation and evaluation with you and your horse to discuss your goal.
$45.00 per session, either with you, your horse, or both as a team.
Discounts apply for multiple horses andor sessions per month.
Excellent Local references available.
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